Enter a Date in Excel

15 Jul 2012

by Website  

Use the shortcut  CTRL + ; to enter the current date into a cell in Excel as a value.  It will also indicate the format of the date on your system, i.e.  dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy or yy/mm/dd.

To enter a date that will change to the current date, everytime file is opened, use the   =Today() function

To build a date out of an existing date, use   =Date(y,m,d).  A good example is to build a date that will go to the end of the next month.  if a value in cell A1 contains a date then:    =date(year(A1),month(A1) +2, 1) - 1 (The trick is to go to the first day of two months from now and then subtract 1 day to get to the end of the next month)

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