Computer Concepts/Pc Literacy

Suggested 2 day course
SAQA US ID 117925– Describe the concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the use of its components in a healthy and safe manner
(NQF Level 2 – 3 Credits)
Safety and Environment – using computers; Different components of computers; Different types of computers; Using the mouse correctly; Using the Keyboard; Use the home row keys on a keyboard; Use the top row keys on a keyboard; Use the bottom row keys on a keyboard; Use the number pad; use the function keys; use Backspace, tab and delete, use the arrow keys; Input hardware; Output hardware; Saving Devices; Software; Bits and Bytes- sizes of files; Printing; Trouble shooting printing; What is a LAN; WAN; How does a modem work; Connecting Computers e.g. ASDL or wireless connections; Operating System; Introductory opening, saving of files; copy and paste; Introduction to other Applications, e.g. PowerPoint; Excel and Word.